Services provider to international companies and organizations devoted to dissemination of primary scientific, technological, and medical information
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* Editorial: Publications programme initiator • Pharma patent analyst • Standards drafting advice • Contract negotiation * Production: Translation, editorial procedure optimization * Marketing: Proposal and launch dossier assembly * Mentor, consultant and trainer

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Expertise :

In die folgende Bereiche
Publishing, international organizations, international trade and industry, charity and not-for-profit

New business development, Editorial, Production

Betroffene Direktionen für die Eingreifen:
Marketing Management Communications management Production Management

Arten von Eingreifen:
Signing new publlications, meeting organization and chairing, copy editorial, production editorial, technical translation (French -> English)

Besuchte Ausbildungen:
Effective communication

BSc - Chemistry
UN - French language proficiency certificate


Betreute Ausbildungen:

Microsoft Office, ChemDraw

Sprachen: En Fr De

Einige Referenzen:
ITU, IMS Health, Old City Publishing, BioEdit, DiacriTech

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INITIATION — Track record of establishing technical print and electronic media, e.g. Nonlinear Optics (G + B, now Old City Publishing) journal (on first publication, reviewed in Nature). Comprehensive geriatric oncology (Harwood, now Informa) textbook, reviewed in the New England J Med. Prospecting for drugs in ancient and medieval European texts (Harwood, now Informa) textbook, reviewed in Nature Med
DEVELOPMENT — Remodelling existing publications to maximize relevance, e.g.
Acquired High Temperatures – High Pressures on behalf of Old City Publishing, including Signature of new chief, regional and sectional editors
BUSINESS GROWTH — Readership (a.k.a. “market”) researcher for existing publications, e.g. Targeted psychotherapists as readers of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, resulting in new block subscriptions to societies
COPY EDITORIAL SERVICES — Copy editor, standards drafting advisor, technical writer, patent abstractor and analyst (including mathematics, chemical nomenclature), translator

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